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Autoscribe Corporation Announces Changes to Leadership Team

August 03, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, FL – August 3, 2016 – Autoscribe Corporate, provider of PaymentVision and Lyons Commercial Data, today announced key changes to its senior leadership team, with the appointment of Emily Cooper as Director of Client Operations and Trevor Ward as General Manager of Lyons Commercial Data.

“It comes with great pleasure to announce the appointments of Mr. Ward & Mrs. Cooper within our leadership team,” said Robert Pollin, Founder and CEO of Autoscribe Corporation. “Their demonstrated leadership and experience in this market will ensure we’re continuing to provide our client’s with better financial solutions and industry-leading service.”

As Director of Client Operations, Mrs. Cooper will work across the organization to manage operations, client services, relationship management, and quality assurance teams. In addition to her role as Director of Client Operations, she will also focus on driving customer satisfaction and streamlining settlement operations. She has over seven years of experience in payments, settlement services, and operations; previously serving as Client Services Lead and Settlement Specialist at Autoscribe Corporation.

“Our team remains committed to improving systems and processes and advancing programs that will enable our organization to meet the needs of our customers,” said Mrs. Cooper. “I am very excited to take on this elevated role which will allow our firm to continue to build a strong, capable team to help navigate an increasingly complex environment as we expand our business.”

As General Manager of Lyons Commercial Data, Mr. Ward, will leverage his diverse experience across the financial and technology industries to help customers mitigate risk, decrease returns, and access leading financial intelligence data for transaction processing. As part of his role, he will lead the strategic direction, sales efforts, product development, and partner relations for Lyons Commercial Data.

Mr. Ward has over five years of experience in both established and early stage technology companies, in areas including sales and client management. He has been with Autoscribe Corporation since 2015, where he most recently was responsible for leading project management within the organization.

“The opportunity that lies ahead for Lyons Commercial Data is significant, and it is both very humbling and exciting to lead the division into this next chapter,” said Mr. Ward. “With a continued industry focus on compliance and decreasing returns, our team recognizes the unique opportunity to help transform the delivery and accessibility of financial and account data that ensures compliance and drives transaction processing globally.”

About Autoscribe Corporation

Autoscribe Corporation is a leading financial services company and payment processor. With more than two decades of innovation and leadership in the financial technology industry, Autoscribe offers a full suite of tools through PaymentVision and Lyons Commercial Data to help their customers grow their business, simplify payment processing, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance. Recently named to the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation, Autoscribe has thousands of customers and processes more than $2 billion in transactions annually. For more information, please visit https://www.autoscribe.com/; follow Autoscribe on Twitter @AutoscribeCorp or on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/autoscribe; or call 800-345-7243.

About PaymentVision

PaymentVision is a biller-direct, PCI-certified, electronic payment gateway provider. PaymentVision offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, check, and credit or debit card payments, by phone, or through Internet channels. PaymentVision solutions handle billions of dollars for thousands of financial institutions, large and small nationwide including, credit unions, banks, consumer finance, and collection agencies. For more information, please visit www.paymentvision.com; follow PaymentVision on Twitter @PaymentVision or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/paymentvision; or call 800-345-7243.

About Lyons Commercial Data

Lyons Commercial Data is a leading provider of quality U.S. financial institution data, including all current ABA routing numbers and other information critical to transaction processing. Lyons Commercial Data also offers proven solutions to financial institutions, payment processors, and other businesses, to assist them in optimizing their ACH processes, managing risk, and fraud mitigation. For more information, please visit www.lyonslive.com; follow Lyons Commercial Data on Twitter @LyonsData or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lyonscommercialdata; or call 800-684-0388.

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